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The Autumn Leave

The autumn leaves are not as they seem.

The ends of the forest lay still and while

the spool of time twist on their roots,

the ghost-quiet winds blow out of the thick

of the dense, luscious green of earthy mound,

a single leaf, of a rosy red and a tint of orange.

The holiday spirit seeps into the blood of the town.

But the autumn leaves are not as they glow.

They pass by long-gone works of men and take

a trip from winds to bring them south, into

the children’s eyes, as they go to…

The Backstory:

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this video by home cooking YouTuber Adam Ragusea discussing butcher’s cuts for steak and how to prepare them. The video contained a sponsorship for a particular brand of keto-friendly low-sugar cereal known as Magic Spoon.

It looks something like this, with different flavours like fruity (pictured above), frosted, cocoa, etc.

I, being young, 19, and impressionable, ordered four boxes of cocoa, which they only sold in a bulk of four, which added nicely to around $39 USD, averaging about $9.75 USD a box.

As it only supported continental US shipping, I had to use a third party and pay an extra $30 USD to ship it to Canada…

This is a nice preview image, right? Obviously not my room.

there is no better a time than 2:45am.

as the transit of celestial bodies fly overhead,

the ambient lo-fi playing from your phone finds its place in

impromptu pirouettes of the pen through your fingers,

whose ends would find a place on your lips.

there is no better a time than 3:23am.

as you pace around in tattered pajamas and

donate new stains of ramen water,

a bit of instant ramen packet powder gets onto your hands.

callously, you wipe them on your pants because

that’s a problem for another day.

there is no better a time than 5:41am.


Courtesy of Wade Lambert.


it’s light out, curiously peering through the blinds.

brush away the rheum and toss away the pleasantries,

because today is a a day anew,

for yesterday it is not and tomorrow it will be!


this year is a little different.

maybe the light is off today, not quite the #fdfbd3 Homebase Sunlight you’re used to; #f0e130 Dandelion is more your style anyways.

maybe its the bitter aftertaste in your mud-brown mug, or that thin oil film on its lip, glistening against the fluorescent light.

you take a double take at your clock, and it’s an hour later than…

A Lesson on Not Researching Fake Video Game Recipes for Real Things

Disclaimer: You don’t make red dye with the “tail of red lizalfos and four Hylian shrooms”.

There’s a lot of background preparation that comes into writing a novel; when bringing a world to life, equipping it with the most realistic and lively of details is integral in breathing life into what is just a series of instructions for the reader’s brain to imagine.

Some authors spend months, if not years, on the subject they want to focus on. That’s self evident, right? Dan Brown once said that to…

The Microcosm of League of Legends Solo Queue’s Worst

When you think of League of Legends and the media culture surrounding such a phenomena, you may think of a couple things, like Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok iconic “What was that!” moment.

Faker, what was that?

Or maybe, Choi “Insec” In-seok’s most well known mechanical play of all time, named after the legend himself.

The original insec from Insec.

Certainly, all those are excellent contenders for videos that capture the essence of League of Legends. I have one of my own I’d like to share, however:

I do recommend the watch. It’s 4 minutes total.

“Reality Denial”, also known affectionately as…

Another 1A First-Year Reflection from Someone Who Thinks He Has Any Valuable Insight, But He Doesn’t



Just look.

I’ve literally already seen like 10 other posts like this, so I’m going to try something different (but not really, maybe just in tone; it’s laziness if anything).

There are about twelve hours left before I start my 1B CE term at the University of Waterloo, so I’m going to do a much-needed retrospection about my 1A term and my co-op term, cooped up in an AC-less house back in Vancouver.

Who is this relevant to?

Well, if you’re going…

Yes, He’s a Lot Better than You

Amidst all the wonderful characters of the modern century, whose charisma and personality serve as cultural magnets for the human condition, one may lose sight of what is truly important underneath the shadow of these larger-than-life figures.

Such is the case for Tom Mueller, SpaceX’s co-founder with origins that are literally carved in wood, rough around the edges but made with passion. He possessed not vast amounts of liquid resources but an inexhaustible passion for creating, something far more priceless. As the very epitome of the working man, Tom Mueller’s work speaks volumes about his character than he actually does.

1/10. Too many spiders. And men.

That movie sucked, you know what’s better? My story that came from watching the movie, so here it is.

So I’m like walking to the theatre and I left my money in my 350 GT, so like any normal human being, I’m probably gonna have to steal it.

“Hey.” Deep voice and all. I started standing on my tippy toes and expanding my arms in a ring shape. It’s a simple intimidation technique, I read it online on

“S-sorry man, didn’t mean to,” he whimpered, hands clasped around his mouth.

“Uh-huh, that’s no good. You’re going to have to…

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Popular Science

Popular science, the flame of the modern times.

What is popular science?

Though often definitionally recognized as science that is, by in large, presented to a layman audience, popular science is not science. In the aptly named paper, Problems with Popular Science in Dr. John F. McGowan’s website Mathematical Software, McGowan defines popular science as “almost any presentation of science and scientific issues outside of so-called ‘professional’ scientific venues, mainly research papers and conferences” (1). The key difference lies in the word “presentation”; McGowan emphasizes that it’s an interpretation of science for the general populous. That being so, the seeds of mal-intent and manipulation are sown through a fixation on media attention…

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