Why “Malphite Doesn’t Do Anything”

The Microcosm of League of Legends Solo Queue’s Worst

Faker, what was that?
The original insec from Insec.
I do recommend the watch. It’s 4 minutes total.
The map of Summoner’s Rift

Here’s a secret: no one really likes playing games they suck at. What they can do, however, is blame the four other players on their team as to the reason they are losing. In fact, this type of behaviour well known in the community; it’s known as:

“jg diff”

The meaning of “jg diff.”
“He doesn’t do anything.”
  1. Jason “dunkey” Gastrow — I’m Done with League of Legends
  2. Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani’s — The Sad State of League Solo Q
  3. Drew “Midbeast” Timbs — THIS IS HOW YOU FIX LEAGUE SOLO Q
This is what Malphite looks like. This is only for the “preferred picture.” Man that feature sucks.



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